Cast : Keerthi Suresh, Dulquer Salman, Samantha, Vijay

Director : Nag Ashwin

Music : M J Meyer

DOP: Dani Sanchez - Lopez

This is the story of the greatest actress of all time based on the autobiography of Savitri Garu.

Review: Firstly special thanks to Keerthi Suresh and Nag Ashwin for taking up this magnum opus biopic of Savitri Garu. 

I personally love Savitri gari cute, chubby, innocent, lovable, comic timing expressions along with her dialogue delivery. 
When you start watching the film, you will enter into the world of Savitri and also feel she is acting in her own biopic. Such is the dedication by Keerthi Suresh and resemblance to Savitri was also an added advantage to the film.

Here is my find when she(Keerthi) did her first film in Telugu. 

Keerthi just lived the life of Savitri in the film. Perfect find for the role. She just recreated the 50's life of mahanati and her roles. I have seen few of the films acted by Savitri garu. I could definitely feel that Keerti resembles her in the walking, posture, attitude, acting and innocence.

Dulquer Salman, my favorite from malayam industry proved with his ease of portraying the role of Gemini Genesan. How many of you started hating Dulquer for this role? Means he lived in the role of GG.

Rajendra Prasad, Prakash raj, Naga Chaitanya, Srinivas Avasarala, Krish, Shalini did their part with so much comfort in their respective characters.

Mohan Babu as SVR was perfectly suited.Samantha and Vijay did their job well.

Nag Ashwin have taken take care of the very minute detail in the film. He created the character of Singitam though it doesn't create an impact. How many of you know that Singitam Srinivas worked as assistant director under KV reddy.

I personally liked the scene where Naresh says 'I don't know Savitri, I know only Savitri Garu'. That shows the respect to savitri garu.

Music : Mickey has given the best music for this film which comprises of old melody like Mooga Manasalu and Title track was the main highlight for the film which depicts the life of Savitri in the complete song.

Rating: 4.5/5

Bottom line: Savitri Garu lives ON.


Cast : RamCharan, Samantha, Aadi, Jagapathi Babu

Director : Sukumar

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

DOP: Rathnavelu

This is a revenge story of deaf guy in a village, set in 1980's. 

Review: Have you ever watched a film of 1980's starred by Chiranjeevi, Krishna, Shoban babu. Nope!! Here it is, directed by our very own brilliant director "Sukku".

Coming to my analysis:

Ram Charan proved that he can also make wonders with his acting and expressions. I personally feel this is his second film after Magadheera. It almost took 10 years to deliver superb acting in this film.

Single expression actor have transformed to multiple expressions actor with this. Special thanks to Sukku for extracting acting from RC :P

He was almost in every frame of the film throughout. I could remember see only Chittibabu in the film, such is his dedication. When he was hitting 'society' guy, I almost got goosebumps.

Samantha(Ramalaxmi) had given superb performance in the de-glamorized role. It was a cakewalk for her.

Jaggu once again made an impact with his versatile acting without uttering words as an antagonist.  No one does feel that he didn't utter much words in the film throughout.

Rathnavelu(DOP), the man behind the magic of 1980's. The very scene where I got flattered was the fight in the paddy fields where chitti babu involved, it was so realistic that one can feel it was happening before your eyes.

Aadi after doing villian roles in the recent times, the character as Kumar Babu was one of the best roles he has done in the recent past. 

Sukku presented the film in 1980's and showed the bonding between the brothers and characters, voice modulation, dialogues well. He is a creative brilliant. 

+ Points: Ram Charan, Samantha, Jagapathi, Aadi performances, climax twist.

- Points : Length of the film.

Music :  Background score by Devi was very impressive.

Rating: 3.5/5

Bottom line: Enjoy 1980's revenge drama.


Cast : Kajal, Nitya, Eesha, Murali Sharma, Regina, Priyadarshi

Voice Cast : Ravi Teja, Nani

Producer : Nani

Director : Prashanth Varma

Music : Mark K Robin

Story :
If I tell the story, you will miss the essence of the film :) :)

Review: This is Natural Star's first film as producer and also as a voice actor after doing some routine stories as an actor since an year. He came up with a different concept which no one has touched till now in tollywood. Hope he would be continuing in giving good movies as an actor as well as producer.
 Nani succeeded in getting ensemble cast for this unusual story.
There are little similarities with the movie "Inside Out".

Coming to the review, the plot starts with the introduction of all characters till first half. You need to catch up with the stories happening else you will be lost in the screenplay.

I wouldn't be able to tell more the characters. It would ruin the significance of the plot.

Kajal played an important and vital role.

Though Nani and Ravi Teja's voice doesn't add up to the plot, they could able to bring some laughs.

We need to appreciate the art department, it was indeed best in the recent times.

+ Points: Screenplay and climax

Music :  BGM was good. 

Rating: 3.5/5

Bottom line: Need to be 'Awe'd!