Cast : Bala krishna, Radhika Apte,Jagapthi Babu.

Director : Boyapati Srinu

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Story: Bala Krishna looks after a business in Dubai and falls in love with a girl. To seek blessings from grandmother, he comes to India along with his girl friend. On the way to home, he will have a clash with the son of cruel and wicked Jagapathi. The rest of the story binds around rivalry between good and bad.

Review: Balayya has delivered yet another powerful performance which would stand beside some of his best performances like Simha, Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu. The diction and dialogues delivery were best of its kind. He acted in two different characters and justified both of them with his performance who fights for good deeds.

Jagapthi Babu was known for characters like husband, brother of hero, comic role and many more.He has given one of his best performances in his complete career as a cruel person who would always kill people whoever comes in his way. He came up with a new look with a white beard, natural though.

Heroines were just used as glamour dolls and they were shadowed by Balakrishna.

Though this film was having big cast, their characters were balanced and played roles well.

Devi's background score was good and songs were OK.

Director managed well to elevate the story and hero in action sequences. Though we could see shades of Simha in story. This was a good film to watch for the direction and performances standpoint.

All in all, this is a good treat to all fans.

+ Points: Balayya's power packed perfomance, Jagapthi Babu as an antagonist.

+ Points: All scenes of Brahmi.

Punch dialogues: Okadu naku eduruvachina vadike risk, nenu okadiki edurellina vadike risk.

Interesting things: Jagapthi Babu acted as an antagonist for the first time in his career.

Rating: 3.25/5

Suggestion: A good watch for action movie lovers.

Bottomline: "Legend" of masses.

Madhuram - Ultimate Sweetness

Madhuram telugu short film review
Translation: Ultimate Sweetness.

Cast : Chandini Chowdary, Ravi Teja, Phanindra Narsetti.

Music: Viswanadh Naidu Ganta

Director : Phanindra Narsetti

Story: Madhuram is a love story of a cute couple which also have another two love stories of a cup and coffee shop owner.

Review: Madhuram means Ultimate sweetness. We can find sweetness in each and every frame, dialogues, story,narration in the film. Director has succeeded in every department involved and the best part was dialogues and narration with proportionate mix of epic stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata in modern love story. Director has explained every bit of the film in detail which induces the interest of oneself about the movie. The narration of the story by a coffee cup and introducing cup to the world by creating an epic story was creative in the recent times.

Each and every dialogue is a bullet of its kind throughout.

Both the protagonists have done a good job by stepping into the shoes of the characters.
Chandini's expressions, smile, cuteness, big eyes are the assets of her and extracted well by the director.
Hero, Ravi Teja acted with ease who depicts the present generation boys and their mannerisms with girls.
I think this film is best portrait of a cute love plot.

Can we watch a film either short or long without a break or a pause in our laptop?
Yes, if it is Madhuram short film.

+ Points: Narration,concept,dialogues and of course director. 

- Points: Very little dragging in few scenes.

Interesting things: 3/4th of the film was shot in a coffee shop.

Rating: 4.25/5.

Suggestion: Must watch.

Bottomline: Ultimate sweetness in love.

Bangaru Kodi Petta

Bangaru Kodi Petta movie review
Cast : Navdeep, Swathi

Music: Mahesh Shankar

Director : Raj Pippala

Story: The story mainly revolves around robbery of gold by a gang.
Simultaneously another gang involves in a transaction of 2 Crores.

Review: Navdeep wasted in the movie without a scope to act as he is one of the talented young actors in Telugu film industry.

Swathi is cute but couldn't deliver a good performance.
Fight masters Ram and Laxman didn't have a scope too in the film.

Story is routine.

Background score is another utter bad. The screenplay was good throughout compared to other departments.

Director should have kept some comedy scenes like in Swamy Ra Ra which was a big asset to the plot.

+ Points:  Screenplay

-Points: Background score
Interesting things: Not much.

Rating: 1.75/5.

Suggestion: Don't eat this.

Bottomline: Not a tasty one.


Bhadram telugu movie review
Cast : Asosk Selvan, Janani Iyer.

Music: Nivas K Prasanna

Director : P.Ramesh

Storyline: Venu is a fresh pass out after pursuing M.A Criminology and passionate to become a detective, he gets a job offer from a detective company. He gives every puny detail of the targets. Later he finds that all his targets are getting killed and next would be Madhu with whom he falls in love as part of a case. The remaining story is about the unusual killings.

Review: Ashok failed to act again with natural expressions after Pizza II which also belongs to the same genre.
Story starts with a slow pace and love track between the lead pair makes it more worse till ten minutes short of interval. Second half takes into the story with a thrilling plot, which is predictable later in the movie.
The debutante director has used all the technicians to his best.

Janani is just OK. She didn't have much scope to act and could not able to make her presence in the movie.

Songs were weak. There is no humor. Hero's friend would have been replaced by someone else, he failed throughout.

Music Dept : Music director succeeded in giving a gripping background score which takes the thriller story to another level.

+ Points : Story, direction, cinematography.

- Points : First half, love track.

Bottom Line: Be careful.

Suggestion : Watch for one time if you have interest in thrillers.

Rating: 2.75/5.

The Power of an Woman

womens day
        Doctors declared to the parents of the child that a BABY GIRL came into this world, she marks the arrival with a sigh of cry with her petite hands and legs.
        Parents with their immense happiness calls relatives wherever they are in the world.
The girl would be thinking why in this world everyone around me is smiling while I am crying with a hesitation and confusion. She bought smiles and enlightens everyone in the house which is filled with relatives, friends and well wishers of the family.
After few years, she eventually turns into a SMALL GIRL and starts going to school, starts understanding the world around her and makes own picture about the people around her.
She cares about the kids younger to her and bonds to them with her love towards them as a SISTER. She always shares food with younger brothers and sisters before she gulps.
She develops a special bond with parents as a DAUGHTER, relatives, especially with kids younger to her and baby sit them when parents are not around.
As a teenager, she starts having a special bond with friends as a FRIEND and enjoys life with her best buddies and helps them in giving suggestions from her expertise about life whenever they are in need. Her sense tells to take small responsibilities, and chores in house.
She builds her abilities and becomes strong in her own capabilities like being independent from parents, good enough to take her own decisions about her career, life partner and grooms herself for the hassles she is going to face in the nearest future.
When the marriage bells arrive, she convinces her parents in getting partner who suits her for the future. After the marriage, she leaves everyone in sob situation and a grief in their hearts which makes them to remember childhood days of the girl.
When there is a situation in her partner's life, she consoles him with affection and make him strong mentally to face the troubles as a WIFE.
She delivers kids after carrying them in womb for 9 long months by taking immense care as a MOTHER. She takes care of the kids when they are hungry by breast-feeding them. She also knows that to teach them good things to make them successful in their lives and she never compromises on that.
Before her kids turns into teenagers, she knows that they would need good position in the society for their family for which she strives to save the family from evil powers.
After the marriage of her kids, she spends her whole time with husband by taking care of his health by keeping an eye on his diet forgetting her own health is in a bad state.
Once the grand kids arrives in the house, she again steps in the shoes of a mother role by taking enough care of infants as a GRAND'MOTHER'.
She shares all his life experiences to her grandchildren about what she had gone through all her lifetime which helps them to look at the life with a positive energy.
Till the last breath, she strives for the successful life for her parents,husband, kids and friends.

Hats off to her(daughter,sister,girl friend, wife, mother, grandmother) for making each of our lives a meaningful journey.

Thanks(I know this is a small word) to my MOTHER for giving life in this world as a human being.

                                                       Happy women's day. 


Frozen movie review
Voice - Cast : Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel

Directors : Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Music Director: Christophe Beck

Storyline: Elsa, the princess posses magical abilities to create ice and snow and used to play with her younger sister Anna in the childhood. In an accident Elsa hurts Anna, then her parents isolates each other to save them and ask Elsa to avoid using her power by putting gloves. Later one day their parents dies in storm accident in the sea. After few years Elsa turns 21 and ready for coronation, on the same day one incident makes her to lose her cool and results in complete Frozen of the city.

Review: Frozen is the best movie in terms of story, animation,, music in the recent past. The girls characterisations were very well groomed. Its always difficult to show the differences in the expressions of the animated characters, it is more tough to depict the expressions of two teenage girls in instances like love, fear, anger in the same frame. The directors were succeeded in making a great movie with all the emotions. This would stand next to some of the epic movies from Disney's production house like Lion king.

No wonder it got Oscar without any race.

A pinch of humour, nifty twists and surprises were part of the plot.

Music Dept.: The music was the vital part of the movie which goes hand in hand with story. The songs "For the First time in Forever", "Let it go", "Do you want to build a Snowman" were well composed and delivered on screen.

+ Points : Plot, Songs, Direction.

Interesting things : Oscar for Best Animated film, Oscar for "Let it go"

Bottom Line: For the first time in Forever.

Suggestion : Must watch for animation lovers.

Rating: 3.75/5.

Traffic/ Chennaiyl Oru Naal

Cast: Surya, Prakash Raj, Radhika, Sarath Kumar

Music: Mejo Joseph

Shaheed Kader

Story line: This is a story about the heart transplantation.

One day, an accident happens near to a traffic signal in a busy junction of Hyderabad/Chennai which lead a person to go to an almost dead condition, doctors declares that he is going to die in sometime and he is out of safe hands. On the same day, a film actor's daughter heart fails and she needs immediate attention for heart transplantation, who is fighting for life in Kodad/Vellore. Doctors suggest transplanting the heart of the guy to the girl in Kodad who are 150 kms apart. Later it is about how the story unfolds the successful journey.

This film would stand as a best movie for the story in the recent past and the portrayal of the human values in a sensible and thrilling way. The way director handled the story is an edge-of-seat experience for the audiences. All big actors have come forward to act in this film though it was a minor role and helped the movie to get more strength with their experience to the plot. 

The actors given their best in essaying their respective roles.   
Camera work should be very good for these kind of stories and the cinematographer was successful in this. 

This movie showcases the value of one's life.  

Music Dept: The background score has lifted the narration of the story.  

+ Points: Story is the backbone of the movie, actors.

Bottom Line: The life at a Traffic Signal is an edge-of-seat experience.

Interesting points: This is based on a true incident. 

Suggestion: Must watch.

Rating: 4/5.