Traffic/ Chennaiyl Oru Naal

Cast: Surya, Prakash Raj, Radhika, Sarath Kumar

Music: Mejo Joseph

Shaheed Kader

Story line: This is a story about the heart transplantation.

One day, an accident happens near to a traffic signal in a busy junction of Hyderabad/Chennai which lead a person to go to an almost dead condition, doctors declares that he is going to die in sometime and he is out of safe hands. On the same day, a film actor's daughter heart fails and she needs immediate attention for heart transplantation, who is fighting for life in Kodad/Vellore. Doctors suggest transplanting the heart of the guy to the girl in Kodad who are 150 kms apart. Later it is about how the story unfolds the successful journey.

This film would stand as a best movie for the story in the recent past and the portrayal of the human values in a sensible and thrilling way. The way director handled the story is an edge-of-seat experience for the audiences. All big actors have come forward to act in this film though it was a minor role and helped the movie to get more strength with their experience to the plot. 

The actors given their best in essaying their respective roles.   
Camera work should be very good for these kind of stories and the cinematographer was successful in this. 

This movie showcases the value of one's life.  

Music Dept: The background score has lifted the narration of the story.  

+ Points: Story is the backbone of the movie, actors.

Bottom Line: The life at a Traffic Signal is an edge-of-seat experience.

Interesting points: This is based on a true incident. 

Suggestion: Must watch.

Rating: 4/5.

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