Bangaru Kodi Petta

Bangaru Kodi Petta movie review
Cast : Navdeep, Swathi

Music: Mahesh Shankar

Director : Raj Pippala

Story: The story mainly revolves around robbery of gold by a gang.
Simultaneously another gang involves in a transaction of 2 Crores.

Review: Navdeep wasted in the movie without a scope to act as he is one of the talented young actors in Telugu film industry.

Swathi is cute but couldn't deliver a good performance.
Fight masters Ram and Laxman didn't have a scope too in the film.

Story is routine.

Background score is another utter bad. The screenplay was good throughout compared to other departments.

Director should have kept some comedy scenes like in Swamy Ra Ra which was a big asset to the plot.

+ Points:  Screenplay

-Points: Background score
Interesting things: Not much.

Rating: 1.75/5.

Suggestion: Don't eat this.

Bottomline: Not a tasty one.

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