Cast : Varun Tej, Rao Ramesh, Pooja

Director : Srikanth Addala

Music : Mickey J Mayer

Story: Mukunda is a calm going guy who can't stop himself from fighting on the bad things in the society.

Review: The film starts with a dialogue "I didn't write any story, lets take this guy's story as the film refering to hero". The plot also goes like that only. Movie starts with some story and ends with a different story for the audience.

Varun as a debutante hero got full marks as Mukunda when comes to acting and dance.

The movie makes an impression whether it happens in a village or a city. There are very scenes where we can notice city. Director must have taken care of it.

The only highlight of the film I feel is Rao Ramesh, son of Rao Gopal Rao. He has given full justification to the character with a different mannerism like never before. We could say we got a perfect character artist.

Prakash Raj played a role of a wanderer, his presence must be a guest role.

Overall, just an OK movie, watch if you wish it. Or just skip it.

Songs picturization was good.

+ Points: Rao Ramesh

- Points : No love track.

Rating: 2.25/5

Suggestion: Don't watch it. Seriously you might get headache.

Bottom line: Confusing Mukunda.

PK - Peekey

PK movie review
Cast : Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, 

Director : RajKumar Hirani

Music : Ankit Tiwari

Story: Aamir Khan lands on earth for a research with a locket which is a key for his return. He would be looted by a local leaving him isolated. The remaining story bounds around whether Aamir returned to his planet or not and what he has done on earth in his tenure.

Review: The trio Aamir, Rajkumar & Vidu came up with a extraterrestrial-comedy-social plot after the blockbuster movie 3 idiots. Lets see how it goes:

Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan is back with a bang after a disaster Dhoom 3 back in 2013. His stories selection is always out of the world kind of subjects.
He has given a world class performance as PK through out the film. I wish he does these kind of films now and then which would give a positive impact on the society.

Anushka Sharma played a vital role next to Aamir, she was able to make a mark with her acting but couldn't make an impression with her beauty as she looks odd after the lip surgery.

Sanjay Dutt, Boman and Sushant made their usual presence felt.

How could we not about the director, Rajkumar Hirani. The way he handled the subject was really impressive. A thought provoking plot with a right mix of comedy and love.

+ Points: Aamir Khan, Plot.

Interesting points: Ranbir Kapoor cameo. There are few words coined by director in the movie would come into regular usage.

Rating: 4/5

Suggestion: A must watch. DON'T miss.

Bottom line: A thought provoking entertainer.


Cast : Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathway, Matt Damon

Director : Christopher Nolan

Music : Hans Zimmer

Story: Some astronauts goes to saturn on a mission.

Review: Nolan yet again tricks the viewers with a mind spinning plot in Interstellar. I wonder, how could he ideas to make the viewers bang their heads or make them watch the film more than once to understand the story what he wanted to show in the movie.

Seriously, till some point of the film you would think that you interpret the core story, but there will be always a twist. Even I was in the perception that I understood the story but there is a tricky part in Nolan's films as in all other films.

Few scenes were really shot well, thanks to the cinematographer.

Matthew has given another spellbound performance and elevated few of the scenes with his acting.

Anne Hathway was good as Dr. Brand.

+ Points: Matthew McConaughey, Visual effects.

Interesting points: Matt Damon played a surprising role in the film.

Rating: 3/5

Suggestion: I can't comment on this.

Bottomline: You need to study physics first to pass in Interstellar exam.


Haider movie review
Cast : Shahid Kapoor, Shradha Kapoor, Tabu, Key Key Menon.

Director : Vishal Bhardwaj

Music : Vishal Bhardwaj

Story: Haider comes back to Kashmir after hearing his father's missing news. Later he searches for his father and get to know about the killings of innocent people by military. The story unfolds what happened to his father.

Review: The complete movie was shot in Kashmir. This is an inspiration from a Shakespeare's Hamlet.

A brilliant piece of film by giving the right place for all the emotions, relationships and thirst for political power and love. He  has shown the killings of innocent people in Kashmir by militants and military. The story starts with a slow pace but at the end of the film, you would be so involved in the screenplay to kill the antagonist at the end.

Shahid Kapoor has given befitting performance as a broken son in search of his father and helpless guy, couldn't kill the person who is responsible for the situation he was in.

Tabu's character is one of the pivotal characters in the film, who marries her  brother-in-law after her husband mysteriously disappears. She has done a wonderful job as a mother of Haider.

Key Key Menon and Shradha Kapoor did their part well.

Music Dept: Seriously, there is no much back ground score to compose in this film. But there is one certain music which iterates through the movie in your ears and makes a "feeling".

+ Points: Plot, Tabu, Shahid Kapoor.

Interesting points: Inspired from third installment(Hamlet) of Shakespeare trilogy after Macbeth and Othello .

Rating: 4/5

Suggestion: Must watch.

Bottomline: This is a pure Vishal Bhardwaj's movie.

Govindudu Andarivadele

Govindudu Andarivadele review
Translation: Govindudu is people's man.

Cast : Ram Charan, Kajal, Prakash Raj, Srikanth

Director : Krishna Vamsi

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Story: Abhi Ram lands in India after listening his father's fight with his grandfather to unite them again. The rest of the story tells whether he is successful in his attempt.

Review: Krishna Vamsi once again showed his talent in a kind of films he is best for. Tho ugh it is a kind of a plot we have been watching in the earlier films in the past few years but the narration was bit different with Krishna Vamsi's mark directorial skills.

The hero of the film is of course Prakash Raj, he shown his versatility in acting as a strong grandfather who strives for respect in his village.

Ram Charan was the backdrop for a film like this who need to do acting through his expressions in emotional scenes, he couldn't do any better. For few scenes, he should have made us cry, but failed. Even Krishna Vamsi couldn't able to squeeze the acting skills from Ram.
"He must have bunked expressions classes while he was in Satyanand School of acting"

Kajal was so cute, gorgeous and sensuous. She is more beautiful than in Chandamama, thanks to Krishna Vamsi.

Jayasudha, as grandma steels the show with her natural acting and screen presence.
Srikanth was well suited to the character.

Music Dept: All the songs were good. Neeli Rangu Chiralona and Rara Raj Kumara were my favorite.

+ Points: Prakash Raj and direction.

- Points: Ram Charan.

Interesting points: Ram Charan and Srikanth acting for the first time.

Rating: 3/5

Suggestion: One time watchable.

Bottomline: Krishna vamsi back to his mark movies. Its a Krishna vamsi's show.


Aagadu movie review
Translation: He don't stop.

Cast : Mahesh Babu, Thamanna, Sonu Sood.

Director : Sreenu Vaitla

Music : S.S Thaman

Story: Hero happened to transfer to a new place called Bukkapatnam where there was a antagonist who tries to start a power project which will be harmful to neighborhood people. Later there will be a clash between hero and villain and it goes till the end how hero stopped the project and killed him.

Review:  Firstly Mahesh had given yet another spell bounding performance, his dialogue modulation was little fast compared to earlier movies. Thamanna was an utter waste in the movie, she couldn't make any impression.

Sruthi Haasan was also failed to felt her presence. Other actors like M.S Narayana and Bhrammi were just okay.

Coming to direction department, I think Sreenu vaitla must be watching Dookudu while writing the story for Aagadu. He not only copied the story but also locations, cast and songs. He should have kept some time for story while scripting instead rather than just on dialogues.

I would say watch Dookudu movie again by just imagining Thamanna in the place of Samantha.

I am wondering why Mahesh said "This film would be a turning point in my career" in the audio function.

Music Dept: Music is just okay barring Naari Naari song.

+ Points: Mahesh.

- Points: Story, cast, what not everything.

Interesting points: Third time as cop by Mahesh, third film with Thaman and 14 Reels.

Rating: 2/5

Suggestion: Watch Dookudu in your homes rather than going to Aagadu.

Bottomline: If you are hard core fan of Mahesh, watch it.


Power telugu movie review
Cast : Ravi Teja, Hansika,Regina

Director : K.S Ravindra

Music : S.S Thaman

Story: Back in kolkata, Ravi Teja is introduced as a corrupted cop. After few minutes, he was rumored to be dead in an accident. Then lands again in Hyderabad with another Ravi teja who aspires to become a police officer. Mukhesh Rishi asks Ravi to act as a police in kolkata to save his mother. Then story unfolds the twists towards the climax.

Review:  Coming to review, first half is entertaining with Hansika's glamour and saptagiri's comedy.
Ravi teja yet again proved that he is best in serious roles and as well as comedy. His roles as Tirupathi and Balidev Sahay in the movie were well executed but missing few logical answers.

Second half was a mix of so many previous films in the recent past but the execution was little different and holding the twists till the end.
Regina felt her presence though it was short, Hansika played a glamour role.

Kota and Mukesh rishi were at their usual best in the roles.

Director Bobby tried to make the film a complete entertainer but failed.

Music Dept: All songs were good. Devuda song resembles Govinda Govinda even in the picturisation.

+ Points: Ravi Teja acting.

- Points: We have already experienced these kind of stories in the past.

Interesting points: Third time as cop by Ravi. One song sung by him.

Rating: 2.75/5

Suggestion: One time watch.

Bottomline: .Treat to Ravi Teja fans.


Cast : NTR, Samantha, Pranitha

Director : Santosh Srinvas

Music : S. Thaman

Story: The story revolves around a US return student Karthik who pledges to marry his uncle's daughter Indu which was his mother's wish.Later he meets another girl thinking that she is Indu, the story takes twists and turns.

Review: Lets see how did it go!
NTR proved again he is always best in any kind of character with different shades. He was there in every frame. No doubt he has given full justification to the character. NTR's costumes were really good.
Samantha was as usual cute and tried to make herself as a glam doll, but failed.
Pranitha did a decent role, personally I don't find any charm in her though directors are happy to sign up her for the films.

Coming to the movie review, director should have inspired from the movies which were relevant to this story, instead he cut copied most of the scenes from previous telugu films. There were the scenes with comedy which would bring to smiles on the audience faces.
A big casting doesn't make any difference if there is no proper content in the film.

Overall, movie is just average.

Music Dept: Except Raakasi song, none of the songs in the album were bad in terms of taking and music.

+ Points: NTR

- Points: Routine story and casting.

Interesting points: No points to talk about.

Rating: 2/5

Suggestion: You can watch for second half.

Bottomline: Very disappointing.


mardaani movie review
Translation : Masculine

Cast : Rani Mukerji, Tahir Raj Bhasin

Director : Pradeep Sarkar

Music : Shantanu Moitra, Karthik Raja

Story: The story is about the police and gang which involves child trafficking. A girl, who is like a daughter to Rani (Shivani Shivaji Roy) will be kidnapped and the story starts by tracking and finding out the girls who were all kidnapped by the gang.

Review: The movie jump start into the story once the titles are done. The plot is more of a Taken 2 movie from hollywood, but the execution was a bit different.

Rani fit into the role of a tough cop from crime branch. This is another heroine-centric movie after No One Killed Jessica and apt for the title role, she carried the emotions and character very well at the same time, thanks to her taking up this role instead of taking glam roles.

Tahir, who acted as the mafia king was perfect for the role. He would definitely hit the bulls eye, if plans his career well.

Overall, though there are no entertaining elements, you won't be bored.

Music Dept: Though there is no scope for songs, music director has given a good background score.

+ Points: Rani's performance.

Rating: 3.5/5

Suggestion: Watchable.

Bottomline: "Mard"aani.

Run Raja Run

Run Raja Run Movie Review
Cast : Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor

Director : Sujeeth

Music : Ghibran

Story: Raja is a jovial, happy going person who breaks up with his girl friends all the time, in the process he falls in love with another girl. Later on, movie takes on to turns and twists till the end.

Review: First Sharwanand came out of his serious roles to fit into the role of a boy-next-door. Undoubtedly he is a very talented artist in tollywood. He put his heart and soul in the character to present well on the big screen with ease and proved his mettle.
Heroine was okay by looks but she had done great job in acting and dance movements especially in "Vadhantune.." song. Others had done their part well. Sampath Raj was impressive.

Director Sujeeth should be appreciated for his screenplay and successful in presenting the story as the way he wants. The taking of the scenes were good, opening scene was striking. Though there were few shades of KICK movie in screenplay but different.

Overall, Run Raja Run is a complete entertainer with laughs, twists, turns.

Music Dept: Songs by Ghibran were refreshing and would stand as best in chart-busters. Background score was also good.

+ Points: Sharwanand, screenplay.

- Points: Emotional scene was not up to the mark.

Interesting points: Ghibran's first movie in telugu.

Rating: 3.5/5

Suggestion: A good watch. Give a shot.

Bottomline: A playful entertainer. Run for this movie.

Oohalu Gusagusalade

Oohalu Gusagusalade movie review
Translation: Dreams Whispered

Cast : Naga Shourya, Rashi Khanna, Srinivas Avasarala

Director : Srinivas Avasarala

Music : Kalyani Malik

Story: A girl from Delhi comes to her native vizag for summer holidays and a boy from hyderabad to his relatives home in vizag. Both of them happened to meet and falls in love. Another character comes into their lives where the plot takes a turn. Rest of the movie unfolds the story.

Review: The story is refreshing and sweet. All the protagonists in the movie had done a good job. First we need to talk about the man of the show, Srini avasarala. He had done an awesome job as the boss of hero, he has shown the shades of innocence, negativity and humor.

The movie starts with a slow pace till interval, it picks up the pace in the second half. The love story begins swiftly as the movie begins.

Shourya (Venky), suited well as a boy next door character. Though this is first movie, he acted with ease with different angles in the confused character.

Coming to the showstopper of the film, Rashi Khanna. Thanks to her ravishing face, she has carried the character of Prabhavati with her lovely expressions. She would definitely replace the heroines in all woods if she plans her career properly with good characters.

The cinematography was an added advantage which elevates the plot.

Music Dept: Music was fresh, BGM was catchy. Lyrics were good and meaningful in the recent past.

+ Points: Rashi Khanna, Cinematography, Music.

- Points: There were few unanswered questions in the movie,
               - what is the problem with heroine's parents?
               - what did heroine talk on the phone with her father on her birthday?

Interesting points: Srini Avasarala's debut as director.

Rating: 3/5

Suggestion: A good watch. Give a shot.

Bottomline: Romantic Gusagusalu.


Translation: Visual

Cast : Mohanlal, Meena

Director : Jeethu Joseph

Music : Anil Johnson, Vinu Thomas

Story: A common cable operator tries to protect his family from an unavoidable situation they were pulled into.

Review: Drishyam is a story-centeric film. These kind of films would come rarely in any film industry, drishyam was a kind of movie anyone embrace the plot. Directors should be appreciated for making a film like this without commercial elements in it with a thrilling plot. This is an universal subject with right ingredients of thrill and a nice plot which connects to every audience.

Mohanlal has kept his heart and soul in this, though he is a super star in Kerela, he moulded into the character as a middle-class father of two daughters. He had elevated the story with his performance, thanks to his experience. Meena has given her best for the role in the film.

The small girl has done a very good job. Constable has done an exceptional job who tries to put the George kutty into a fix. All others had given their good performances.

Music Dept: For the films like this, the music will elevate the film in some places. The music dept played its part.

+ Points: Story, Mohan Lal and Meena's chemistry.

- Points: Not much.

Interesting points: This is getting remade into all main Indian languages.

Rating: 3.75/5

Suggestion: Its a must watch.

Bottomline: Bored of routine films, watch this visual(Drishyam).

P.S : You can watch this in Telugu/Kannada. 

Manam - ANR lives ON

Manam - ANR lives on movie review
Cast : ANR, Nagarjuna, Naga chaitanya, Samantha

Director : Vikram K Kumar

Music : Anup Rubens

Story: The film is about a wealth businessman Nageswara Rao's attempts to bring  a young couple Nagarjuna and Priya. The remaining story needs to be watched on big screen.

Review: A perfect execution of each and every frame with right timing. Manam is a pure entertainer with right mix of commercial elements. The plot was the main hero in the movie. The idea of the "clock tower" was taken from an hollywood film which had played a pivotal role.
Though the concept of re-births is quite common in films, but this film was an exception as the screenplay was completely new.
The chemistry between the duos Nag and Chaitanya and Nag and Nageswar rao and all of three of them in few scenes were the best in the movie.
Director has kept his soul in the film which projects his work on screen. The way Vikram handled the subject was appreciable as it contains fantasy, love of proportionate mix. He completely succeeded in leaving no stone unturned with proper use of places, cars, drink bottles, costumes.
Samantha was as usual cute, Nagarjuna has delivered his performance with ease as a business man and common man, of course showed his interest in cars once again, Naga Chaitanya should be happy to get a movie like this right in the start of his career and to share the screen with both Nags. Shriya has given her best with a de-glamoured role.
The dialogue ILA IVVU(I LOVE YOU) would become a trending line hereafter :).

Thanks to Nagarjuna for making a such a nice feel good film after a long time in Tollywood.

Music Dept: Background became the soul of the film with a soothing music at the right place.

+ Points: Akkineni family's performance, music, story, comedy.

- Points: Nageswara Rao presence was less. 

Interesting points: Akhil's debut on big screen, Amitabh Bhachan's special appearance, Amala cameo .

Rating: 4/5

Suggestion: A must watch.

Bottomline: Family package in a single frame. Perfect-Feel-Good-Unique-Classic-Love film.

The grieving thing is that ANR is no more to enjoy the success and response and to watch the screen share moments with his FAMILY.

Bhoothnath Returns

Bhootnath Returns movie review
Cast : Amitabh Bachhan,Parth bhalerao, Boman Irani,

Director : Nitesh Tiwari

Music : Palash Muchal, Meet Bros Anjjan, Ram Sampath, Yo Yo Honey Singh

Story: Bhoothnath wants to redeem himself as a human for which he will be asked to scare a boy in the Bhooth world. He comes back to human world on the mission. He meets Akhrot and rest of the story tells whether Bhoothnath will succeed or not.

Review: The concept inherits from Bhoothnath but a different plot. Bhoothnath contesting in the elections to fight against the antagonist is a new thing despite the logic if we consider.
The best thing about the movie was the election campaign by Bhoothnath which should be appreciative and thought provoking.
Akhrot character was quite good with local accent and his chemistry with Big B dwelled well in the story.
Boman Irani was okay as a corrupted cold blooded politician.
Overall,  first half was okay and second half was good.

Music Dept: Songs were good like "Party toh banti Hai", background score is Ok.

+ Points: Amitabh and Parth's performance.

- Points: First half. 

 Interesting points: Shahrukh and Ranbir in cameo roles.

Rating: 2.75/5

Suggestion: A good watch.

Bottomline: Bhooth Minister

Naan Sigappu Manithan/Indrudu

Naan Sigappu Manithan movie review 2014
Translation: I am a red man.

Cast : Vishal, Lakshimi Menon.

Director : Thriu

Music : G.V Prakash

Story: Naan Sigappu Manithan is a story of a person who suffers with narcolepsy disease which makes him sleep at the extreme emotions like anger,happy,sad. He would face all problems due to his disorder in personal career and none would give job. Later one girl comes into his life, rest of the story is about how he survived.

Review: This film was from Vishal factory production company and once again taken a different genre of film after Pandianaadu/Palnadu. The plot of the film is delicate as in  medical-disorder-oriented movies.
The movie starts with introduction to disorder of the hero, a pinch of humour, the fresh love plot between Vishal and Lakshimi Menon made them successful lead pair for the second time after Palnaadu.
The interval scene makes the movie to take a new turn of revenge.

One would think how hero would deal with his disorder and take the revenge. Director dealt the complexity of the "disorder" story with his narration without missing any logic . The story takes new twists and turns in second half, Vishal impressed with his acting skills carrying all the emotions. The movie had all commercial elements with the mix of love, comedy, action and revenge.
Concept is new but the story is not.

Lakshmi did very good job and suited well to the character.

Music Dept: Background score was bad and songs were okay.

+ Points:
Vishal performance, concept.

- Points: Background score.

Rating: 3.25/5

Suggestion: A good watch.

Bottomline: Don't make me sleep.

Race Gurram

Race Gurram telugu movie review
Cast : Allu Arjun, Sruti Hasaan, Shaam, Mukesh Rishi,Prakash Raj

Director : Surender Reddy

Music : S.S Thaman

Story: There are two brothers who always fight to satisfy their egos. One rowdy enters in between them and the movie takes a new turn and goes on till the end.

Review: Race Gurram film marks the interesting combination of Allu Arjun and Surender Reddy. This is an wholesome entertainer with all commercial elements. Characterizations are good, songs placement is not justified. Antagonist acting was not up to the mark though the characterization was good. Sruti was restricted to only songs and haven't got any scope for acting.

Prakash Raj got an unjustified character and not up to the mark.

Allu Arjun once again carried the movie with his acting and diction, one word dialogue "Devuda" would become best in the recent times. He again proved that he is the best in emotional scenes which comes between him and brother. Story is routine.

Ali once again entertained as Dr.Pali.

Music Dept: Re-recording was not good, songs "down down", Race Gurram were good. Title song was misplaced, it was suppressed by the background score.

+ Points:
Climax and interval bang, Bramhi's rocking performance.

- Points: The trailer of Kotha Janta in interval.
               Few scenes as in bank scene, Prakash Raj and Arjun meet for the first time.

Rating: 3/5

Suggestion: A good watch.

Bottomline: If one want entertainment, watch this film despite of logic.


Rowdy telugu movie review
Cast : Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Jayasudha, Shanvi

Director : Ram Gopal Varma

Music : Sai Karthik

Story: A group of people tries to get a project which involves a heap amount of money which would be harmful for the local people.
Anna(Mohan Babu) of the area would know this and tries to stop the project, meanwhile Anna's son gets angry with his father and goes with antagonists to kill Anna. The remaining plot unveils the story.

Review: RGV has extracted the best from the superb actor, Mohan Babu. He succeeded in getting a role of Anna by Mohan Babu with his natural presence without a wig. Visuals, direction, camera work what not, everything was good.

Mohan Babu has given his career's best performance after Pedarayudu, Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary, M Dharmaraju M.A. Few scenes has gone to next level because of his dialogue delivery.

Jayasudha as usual given her natural performance.

Vishnu proved himself as an action hero with right mix of emotions in few scenes.

The best thing was the richness in the visuals with a low budget(Of course, credit goes to RGV). Songs were drawbacks of the film, why would Anna need a duet songs at the age of 60. This film was having few copy-paste scenes from Raktha Charithra series and Sarkar series.

Points: Mohan Babu's presence without wig and performance, dialogues.

- Points: Space wouldn't have given to songs in between a serious plot.

Interesting things: Budget was just around 1 Cr.

Rating: 3.25/5

Suggestion: One time watch.

Bottomline: Rowdy is Andhra Sarkar.


Cast : Bala krishna, Radhika Apte,Jagapthi Babu.

Director : Boyapati Srinu

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Story: Bala Krishna looks after a business in Dubai and falls in love with a girl. To seek blessings from grandmother, he comes to India along with his girl friend. On the way to home, he will have a clash with the son of cruel and wicked Jagapathi. The rest of the story binds around rivalry between good and bad.

Review: Balayya has delivered yet another powerful performance which would stand beside some of his best performances like Simha, Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu. The diction and dialogues delivery were best of its kind. He acted in two different characters and justified both of them with his performance who fights for good deeds.

Jagapthi Babu was known for characters like husband, brother of hero, comic role and many more.He has given one of his best performances in his complete career as a cruel person who would always kill people whoever comes in his way. He came up with a new look with a white beard, natural though.

Heroines were just used as glamour dolls and they were shadowed by Balakrishna.

Though this film was having big cast, their characters were balanced and played roles well.

Devi's background score was good and songs were OK.

Director managed well to elevate the story and hero in action sequences. Though we could see shades of Simha in story. This was a good film to watch for the direction and performances standpoint.

All in all, this is a good treat to all fans.

+ Points: Balayya's power packed perfomance, Jagapthi Babu as an antagonist.

+ Points: All scenes of Brahmi.

Punch dialogues: Okadu naku eduruvachina vadike risk, nenu okadiki edurellina vadike risk.

Interesting things: Jagapthi Babu acted as an antagonist for the first time in his career.

Rating: 3.25/5

Suggestion: A good watch for action movie lovers.

Bottomline: "Legend" of masses.

Madhuram - Ultimate Sweetness

Madhuram telugu short film review
Translation: Ultimate Sweetness.

Cast : Chandini Chowdary, Ravi Teja, Phanindra Narsetti.

Music: Viswanadh Naidu Ganta

Director : Phanindra Narsetti

Story: Madhuram is a love story of a cute couple which also have another two love stories of a cup and coffee shop owner.

Review: Madhuram means Ultimate sweetness. We can find sweetness in each and every frame, dialogues, story,narration in the film. Director has succeeded in every department involved and the best part was dialogues and narration with proportionate mix of epic stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata in modern love story. Director has explained every bit of the film in detail which induces the interest of oneself about the movie. The narration of the story by a coffee cup and introducing cup to the world by creating an epic story was creative in the recent times.

Each and every dialogue is a bullet of its kind throughout.

Both the protagonists have done a good job by stepping into the shoes of the characters.
Chandini's expressions, smile, cuteness, big eyes are the assets of her and extracted well by the director.
Hero, Ravi Teja acted with ease who depicts the present generation boys and their mannerisms with girls.
I think this film is best portrait of a cute love plot.

Can we watch a film either short or long without a break or a pause in our laptop?
Yes, if it is Madhuram short film.

+ Points: Narration,concept,dialogues and of course director. 

- Points: Very little dragging in few scenes.

Interesting things: 3/4th of the film was shot in a coffee shop.

Rating: 4.25/5.

Suggestion: Must watch.

Bottomline: Ultimate sweetness in love.

Bangaru Kodi Petta

Bangaru Kodi Petta movie review
Cast : Navdeep, Swathi

Music: Mahesh Shankar

Director : Raj Pippala

Story: The story mainly revolves around robbery of gold by a gang.
Simultaneously another gang involves in a transaction of 2 Crores.

Review: Navdeep wasted in the movie without a scope to act as he is one of the talented young actors in Telugu film industry.

Swathi is cute but couldn't deliver a good performance.
Fight masters Ram and Laxman didn't have a scope too in the film.

Story is routine.

Background score is another utter bad. The screenplay was good throughout compared to other departments.

Director should have kept some comedy scenes like in Swamy Ra Ra which was a big asset to the plot.

+ Points:  Screenplay

-Points: Background score
Interesting things: Not much.

Rating: 1.75/5.

Suggestion: Don't eat this.

Bottomline: Not a tasty one.


Bhadram telugu movie review
Cast : Asosk Selvan, Janani Iyer.

Music: Nivas K Prasanna

Director : P.Ramesh

Storyline: Venu is a fresh pass out after pursuing M.A Criminology and passionate to become a detective, he gets a job offer from a detective company. He gives every puny detail of the targets. Later he finds that all his targets are getting killed and next would be Madhu with whom he falls in love as part of a case. The remaining story is about the unusual killings.

Review: Ashok failed to act again with natural expressions after Pizza II which also belongs to the same genre.
Story starts with a slow pace and love track between the lead pair makes it more worse till ten minutes short of interval. Second half takes into the story with a thrilling plot, which is predictable later in the movie.
The debutante director has used all the technicians to his best.

Janani is just OK. She didn't have much scope to act and could not able to make her presence in the movie.

Songs were weak. There is no humor. Hero's friend would have been replaced by someone else, he failed throughout.

Music Dept : Music director succeeded in giving a gripping background score which takes the thriller story to another level.

+ Points : Story, direction, cinematography.

- Points : First half, love track.

Bottom Line: Be careful.

Suggestion : Watch for one time if you have interest in thrillers.

Rating: 2.75/5.

The Power of an Woman

womens day
        Doctors declared to the parents of the child that a BABY GIRL came into this world, she marks the arrival with a sigh of cry with her petite hands and legs.
        Parents with their immense happiness calls relatives wherever they are in the world.
The girl would be thinking why in this world everyone around me is smiling while I am crying with a hesitation and confusion. She bought smiles and enlightens everyone in the house which is filled with relatives, friends and well wishers of the family.
After few years, she eventually turns into a SMALL GIRL and starts going to school, starts understanding the world around her and makes own picture about the people around her.
She cares about the kids younger to her and bonds to them with her love towards them as a SISTER. She always shares food with younger brothers and sisters before she gulps.
She develops a special bond with parents as a DAUGHTER, relatives, especially with kids younger to her and baby sit them when parents are not around.
As a teenager, she starts having a special bond with friends as a FRIEND and enjoys life with her best buddies and helps them in giving suggestions from her expertise about life whenever they are in need. Her sense tells to take small responsibilities, and chores in house.
She builds her abilities and becomes strong in her own capabilities like being independent from parents, good enough to take her own decisions about her career, life partner and grooms herself for the hassles she is going to face in the nearest future.
When the marriage bells arrive, she convinces her parents in getting partner who suits her for the future. After the marriage, she leaves everyone in sob situation and a grief in their hearts which makes them to remember childhood days of the girl.
When there is a situation in her partner's life, she consoles him with affection and make him strong mentally to face the troubles as a WIFE.
She delivers kids after carrying them in womb for 9 long months by taking immense care as a MOTHER. She takes care of the kids when they are hungry by breast-feeding them. She also knows that to teach them good things to make them successful in their lives and she never compromises on that.
Before her kids turns into teenagers, she knows that they would need good position in the society for their family for which she strives to save the family from evil powers.
After the marriage of her kids, she spends her whole time with husband by taking care of his health by keeping an eye on his diet forgetting her own health is in a bad state.
Once the grand kids arrives in the house, she again steps in the shoes of a mother role by taking enough care of infants as a GRAND'MOTHER'.
She shares all his life experiences to her grandchildren about what she had gone through all her lifetime which helps them to look at the life with a positive energy.
Till the last breath, she strives for the successful life for her parents,husband, kids and friends.

Hats off to her(daughter,sister,girl friend, wife, mother, grandmother) for making each of our lives a meaningful journey.

Thanks(I know this is a small word) to my MOTHER for giving life in this world as a human being.

                                                       Happy women's day. 


Frozen movie review
Voice - Cast : Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel

Directors : Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Music Director: Christophe Beck

Storyline: Elsa, the princess posses magical abilities to create ice and snow and used to play with her younger sister Anna in the childhood. In an accident Elsa hurts Anna, then her parents isolates each other to save them and ask Elsa to avoid using her power by putting gloves. Later one day their parents dies in storm accident in the sea. After few years Elsa turns 21 and ready for coronation, on the same day one incident makes her to lose her cool and results in complete Frozen of the city.

Review: Frozen is the best movie in terms of story, animation,, music in the recent past. The girls characterisations were very well groomed. Its always difficult to show the differences in the expressions of the animated characters, it is more tough to depict the expressions of two teenage girls in instances like love, fear, anger in the same frame. The directors were succeeded in making a great movie with all the emotions. This would stand next to some of the epic movies from Disney's production house like Lion king.

No wonder it got Oscar without any race.

A pinch of humour, nifty twists and surprises were part of the plot.

Music Dept.: The music was the vital part of the movie which goes hand in hand with story. The songs "For the First time in Forever", "Let it go", "Do you want to build a Snowman" were well composed and delivered on screen.

+ Points : Plot, Songs, Direction.

Interesting things : Oscar for Best Animated film, Oscar for "Let it go"

Bottom Line: For the first time in Forever.

Suggestion : Must watch for animation lovers.

Rating: 3.75/5.

Traffic/ Chennaiyl Oru Naal

Cast: Surya, Prakash Raj, Radhika, Sarath Kumar

Music: Mejo Joseph

Shaheed Kader

Story line: This is a story about the heart transplantation.

One day, an accident happens near to a traffic signal in a busy junction of Hyderabad/Chennai which lead a person to go to an almost dead condition, doctors declares that he is going to die in sometime and he is out of safe hands. On the same day, a film actor's daughter heart fails and she needs immediate attention for heart transplantation, who is fighting for life in Kodad/Vellore. Doctors suggest transplanting the heart of the guy to the girl in Kodad who are 150 kms apart. Later it is about how the story unfolds the successful journey.

This film would stand as a best movie for the story in the recent past and the portrayal of the human values in a sensible and thrilling way. The way director handled the story is an edge-of-seat experience for the audiences. All big actors have come forward to act in this film though it was a minor role and helped the movie to get more strength with their experience to the plot. 

The actors given their best in essaying their respective roles.   
Camera work should be very good for these kind of stories and the cinematographer was successful in this. 

This movie showcases the value of one's life.  

Music Dept: The background score has lifted the narration of the story.  

+ Points: Story is the backbone of the movie, actors.

Bottom Line: The life at a Traffic Signal is an edge-of-seat experience.

Interesting points: This is based on a true incident. 

Suggestion: Must watch.

Rating: 4/5.


Highway movie review
Cast : Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda.

Music: A.R. Rahman

Director : Imitiaz Ali

Story line: Highway movie is about the story of a girl who is a daughter of a rich business tycoon based in Delhi. The girl will be abducted by a gang of people and held for a ransom from their parents, the protagonist of the gang will get to know about her father and his relations with the govt officials. To avoid getting caught from them, he keeps on travelling to the places. At one point time, she confesses that she don't want to go back to home. In the journey, Mahabir will get the meaning of life through the eyes of Veera.

Review: Well,lets talk how the journey went.

Alia Bhatt has delivered a performance which would stand on the top in her whole acting career. Her cuteness, innocence still didn't leave her face. She depicts the feelings and emotions of a teenage girl who bought up in a rich family with a lot more restrictions throughout her life. She falls in love with the captor. She carried the the last quarter hour of the film with her emotions and says about the undisclosed childhood to her parents.

Randeep Hooda acted as a hard-core man, leads the team of four who is soft cornered in emotions.
He was good with his angriness throughout the film and eventually transforms to a soft guy after his companionship with Veera and thinks about the memory of his mother whenever Veera shows the affection towards him.

Director has shown his love towards the travel yet again with this film. He would get good marks for handling a rough story with a soft teenage girl and hard-core criminal and their relationship with each other and their lives journeys.

Music Dept : A.R Rahman has given yet another fresh songs and background which helped film a lot to carry the emotion of Veera.

+ Points : Alia and Randeep, Cinematography

Suggestion : Watch it.

Bottom line: This Highway takes you to the destiny of life and its value.

Rating: 4/5.


Gravity movie review
Cast : Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Director : Alfonso Cuaron

Story: Two astronauts(Sandra Bullock,George Clooney) goes to space to service the hubble telescope. Mission control warns that Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite, which forms a space debris. Later they lose the communications with Mission Control. Kowlaski(George) detaches himself from Stone(Sandra) to save her. The remaining story unfolds how Stone makes return to a place of gravity(EARTH).

Review:  Gravity showcases life in space of two people who had faced lot of obstacles for their survival and return to earth.

This is a  magnum opus in the recent times. Gravity was having great technicians and actors to make the film as the great movie. The acting by Sandra as a Stone, who entered the space for the first time, would stand as a one of the best performances.
George Clooney didn't have a scope to act.

You would never feel this movie was made on a bluemate. You would feel yourself in the space and the credit goes to graphics and cinematography team. Last 30 minutes were the heart of the film which would make the audience feel edge-of-seat.

This can be coined as a story with good inspiration quotient where Stone didn't give up on the survival and tried her best to land her step on earth to feel the gravity after having a hard life in space.

+ Points: Sandra Bullock, Screenplay, Cinematography.

Interesting things: Only two characters throughout the movie.

Rating: 4/5.

Suggestion: Must watch.

Bottomline: Don't let GO.

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal movie review
Translation: This is Kathirvelan's Love

Cast : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Nayanatara, Santhanam

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Director : S.R Prabhakaran

Storyline: Stalin is a devotee of Anjeneya since at the age of 5 and doesn't much care about girls. Later he goes to coimbatore to settle down the dispute between his sister and her husband. Opposite to his house Nayanatara stays and falls in love for the first time. The remaining story binds the around how he succeeded in his love story.

Review: Movie was not great to watch. Just a time pass one. Stalin had improved a lot with his acting and dancing skills compared to Oru Kal Oru Kannadi.

Nayan was at her best with both acting and  her presence. She proved that eyes speaks a lot than acting in certain scenes.
Story was routine and Santanam can save the film with his yet another rocking spontaneous dialogue delivery in comedy situations. Other characters did their part well.

Saranaya had delivered another nice performance as mother of Kathir with her ease and experience.

Music Dept : Music was okay.Background score was good in the emotional scenes.

+ Points : Cinematography, Santhanam, Nayanatara.

- Points :  Routine story.

Bottom Line: Idhu Routine Kadhal.

Suggestion : Watch for one time.

Rating: 2.75/5.


Yevadu review
Cast : Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Kajal, Shruthi Hasaan

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Director : Vamsi Paidipally

Genre: Revenge-drama

Storyline: A local rowdy stabs both hero and heroine in a bus and make the bus to flame. Somehow hero survives but with a half face which would be manipulated using someones face. The rest of the story unfolds the truth.

Review: Yevadu is an old story with a new point A weak direction. Slow pace screenplay.The biggest drawback of the film was Ram Charan.

Sai kumar was the only positive wave in the movie.

Heroines will be seen only in songs.

The roles of Ram and Arjun would have been swapped. It would have been better. I feel Ram charan should go to acting school again. The only savior of him in industry these many years is Chiranjeevi.

No expressions through out the movie with his wooden face. Brahmi and kota were wasted in the movie.I have taken an oath of not watching Ram's movie from now on.

Music Dept : Songs were good but picturisation was bad to a core.

+ Points : Saikumar

- Points : Ram charan, direction.

Interesting points: Allu Arjun and kajal cameo roles.

Suggestion : Try to avoid this movie.

Bottomline: 'Yevadu' veedu acting rakunda.

Special Notes : I don't understand audience. They made flop movie as hit and hit movie as flop.
Well, I am talking about 'One' and 'Yevadu' 

Rating: 2/5 


1-Nenokkadine review
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Gautam Krishna.

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Director : Sukumar

Genre: Psychological thriller

Storyline: Mahesh gets a dream of killing some people often, the story unveils the reality of the dream.

Review: Since the inception of the movie, everyone got good expectations and became the most awaited movie. It would be difficult for the movie to reach the expectations as it was increasing day by day. This is certainly a Telugu film with hollywood range taking with the stunts and screenplay.

Sukumar is a brilliant director in tollywood with his perfection in taking. Few of the scenes would stand has best scenes. He was always best at item songs and repeated the same.

Mahesh has outperformed in the movie compared to his previous films. This performance turned to be best. He was lean but didn't poses the muscular body, shown the variations in his emotions. We can see his hard work for the dance moves.

Gautam was good.

Heroine acted with ease, she was gorgeous but smile is not so good, she might need a surgery for inside of upper lip.

Music Dept : Songs were okay. Background always makes the film to go a step higher and this has played a vital role.

+ Points : Mahesh, Background score, mild touch of comedy, first two scenes after interval.

- Points : Dragging first half, climax

Interesting points: Gautam Krishna,son of Mahesh made his debut

Sophie Chaudhary's first item song in Telugu

Suggestion : This is a MUST watch movie, we would rarely get a chance of watching.

Special Notes: Watch the movie again if you don't understand, don't coin this film as a flop.

Bottomline: Number ONE acting and direction. 

Rating: 3.5/5 (I wish I could give 4.5, but scenes were dragging).

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street review
Cast : Leonardo Dicaprio, Jonah Hill

Director : Martin Scorsese

Story: The story is about a stock broker and how he became a successful within a short time with illegal activities.

Review: This wolf was an out-and-out hilarious comedy film with all the commercial ingredients.

Leo has played an eccentric role in this movie as he always do in his films. He has completely carried the story with his humor and ease with his power house performance.
           One should notice the transformation in Leo right from Titanic as lover from poor, The Departed as a serious cop, The Aviator as a director, Blood diamond as a smuggler, Shutter island as an US Marshal investigator , Inception as dream interpreter, J Edgar as a FBI official, The Great Gatsby as a rich person and finally The Wolf of wall street as a failed stock broker.

He carried the role of Jordan Belfort with different shades of struggling broker, wealthy man, arrogant boss, romantic fellow with babes, caring friend, drug addict, humorist.

The combination of Martin and Leo always makes a crazy one and set expectations among the audience and goes beyond the expectations after the release of the movies.

Mathew McConaughey has played a vital role as a boss of Jordan.
Jonah Hill played yet another hilarious role with his mannerism.

+ Points: Leonardo Dicaprio, Direction of Martin.

- Points: Few scenes with complete nudity(Of course, those are needed indeed).

Interesting things: This is a true story based on Jordan Belfort.

Bottom-Line: Leo is Fu**ing wolf of holly wood.

Rating: 4.25/5.

Suggestion: Must watch.