Manam - ANR lives ON

Manam - ANR lives on movie review
Cast : ANR, Nagarjuna, Naga chaitanya, Samantha

Director : Vikram K Kumar

Music : Anup Rubens

Story: The film is about a wealth businessman Nageswara Rao's attempts to bring  a young couple Nagarjuna and Priya. The remaining story needs to be watched on big screen.

Review: A perfect execution of each and every frame with right timing. Manam is a pure entertainer with right mix of commercial elements. The plot was the main hero in the movie. The idea of the "clock tower" was taken from an hollywood film which had played a pivotal role.
Though the concept of re-births is quite common in films, but this film was an exception as the screenplay was completely new.
The chemistry between the duos Nag and Chaitanya and Nag and Nageswar rao and all of three of them in few scenes were the best in the movie.
Director has kept his soul in the film which projects his work on screen. The way Vikram handled the subject was appreciable as it contains fantasy, love of proportionate mix. He completely succeeded in leaving no stone unturned with proper use of places, cars, drink bottles, costumes.
Samantha was as usual cute, Nagarjuna has delivered his performance with ease as a business man and common man, of course showed his interest in cars once again, Naga Chaitanya should be happy to get a movie like this right in the start of his career and to share the screen with both Nags. Shriya has given her best with a de-glamoured role.
The dialogue ILA IVVU(I LOVE YOU) would become a trending line hereafter :).

Thanks to Nagarjuna for making a such a nice feel good film after a long time in Tollywood.

Music Dept: Background became the soul of the film with a soothing music at the right place.

+ Points: Akkineni family's performance, music, story, comedy.

- Points: Nageswara Rao presence was less. 

Interesting points: Akhil's debut on big screen, Amitabh Bhachan's special appearance, Amala cameo .

Rating: 4/5

Suggestion: A must watch.

Bottomline: Family package in a single frame. Perfect-Feel-Good-Unique-Classic-Love film.

The grieving thing is that ANR is no more to enjoy the success and response and to watch the screen share moments with his FAMILY.

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