Aagadu movie review
Translation: He don't stop.

Cast : Mahesh Babu, Thamanna, Sonu Sood.

Director : Sreenu Vaitla

Music : S.S Thaman

Story: Hero happened to transfer to a new place called Bukkapatnam where there was a antagonist who tries to start a power project which will be harmful to neighborhood people. Later there will be a clash between hero and villain and it goes till the end how hero stopped the project and killed him.

Review:  Firstly Mahesh had given yet another spell bounding performance, his dialogue modulation was little fast compared to earlier movies. Thamanna was an utter waste in the movie, she couldn't make any impression.

Sruthi Haasan was also failed to felt her presence. Other actors like M.S Narayana and Bhrammi were just okay.

Coming to direction department, I think Sreenu vaitla must be watching Dookudu while writing the story for Aagadu. He not only copied the story but also locations, cast and songs. He should have kept some time for story while scripting instead rather than just on dialogues.

I would say watch Dookudu movie again by just imagining Thamanna in the place of Samantha.

I am wondering why Mahesh said "This film would be a turning point in my career" in the audio function.

Music Dept: Music is just okay barring Naari Naari song.

+ Points: Mahesh.

- Points: Story, cast, what not everything.

Interesting points: Third time as cop by Mahesh, third film with Thaman and 14 Reels.

Rating: 2/5

Suggestion: Watch Dookudu in your homes rather than going to Aagadu.

Bottomline: If you are hard core fan of Mahesh, watch it.

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