Cast : NTR, Samantha, Pranitha

Director : Santosh Srinvas

Music : S. Thaman

Story: The story revolves around a US return student Karthik who pledges to marry his uncle's daughter Indu which was his mother's wish.Later he meets another girl thinking that she is Indu, the story takes twists and turns.

Review: Lets see how did it go!
NTR proved again he is always best in any kind of character with different shades. He was there in every frame. No doubt he has given full justification to the character. NTR's costumes were really good.
Samantha was as usual cute and tried to make herself as a glam doll, but failed.
Pranitha did a decent role, personally I don't find any charm in her though directors are happy to sign up her for the films.

Coming to the movie review, director should have inspired from the movies which were relevant to this story, instead he cut copied most of the scenes from previous telugu films. There were the scenes with comedy which would bring to smiles on the audience faces.
A big casting doesn't make any difference if there is no proper content in the film.

Overall, movie is just average.

Music Dept: Except Raakasi song, none of the songs in the album were bad in terms of taking and music.

+ Points: NTR

- Points: Routine story and casting.

Interesting points: No points to talk about.

Rating: 2/5

Suggestion: You can watch for second half.

Bottomline: Very disappointing.

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