The Villa/Pizza 2

the Villa review
Cast : Ashok Selvan,Sanchitha shetty, Naseer

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Director : Deepan Chakravarthy

Storyline: Jebin wants to become a novel writer. After his father's death he will get to know about a villa owned by father. Jebin moves to that villa and happened to find a room which is hidden behind a wooden frame, in that room he finds paintings which showcases his future life. From there on movie is about the paintings and villa.

Review: Movie is okay. Hero was a dud, he hardly gave any expressions. Heroine is not up to the expectations as she was in Soodhu Kavvum. Naseer was wasted.

Cinematography was impressive. The way lamp of the light house was used was good.

Music Dept : Music is okay.Background score was good.

+ Points : Cinematography.

- Points :  Hero and Heroine.

Mistake: Usually lamp takes 8 sec to complete one rotation, but in the movie, it takes a rotation for every three seconds.

Interesting things : S.J Suriya cameo appearance. 

Bottom Line: Not so tasty as part 1.

Suggestion : Watch for one time.

Rating: 3/5.

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