Baahubali - The Beginning

Cast : Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Nassar, Ramya Krishna, Thamanna, Satyaraj

Director : S.S.Rajamouli

Music : M.M.Keeravani

Feel the story on big screen.

Before I jump into the review, I would like to thank S.S.Rajamouli for making biggest motion picture ever in India with his spectacular visualization and perfect team.


Ramya Krishna, her eyes speaks everything. I always look for her presence in films since Padayappa. She got yet another powerful performance oriented role after Ammoru and Padayappa. She slipped into the shoes of Rajamatha's with ease. He got the beauty to the Rajamatha.

Nassar : He did a very good job as a father of bhallaladeva with his expressions.

Prabhas : Perfect for Bahubali role, showcases his goodness through out the film. He will be remembered forever by audience.

His another role Shivudu was just awesome, initial few scenes where he lifts the shiva linga and the shots taken while climbing the hill stands best in his career.

Anushka : Though the role of Devasena was very short but it was a vital character. Her presence as a de-glamourised was good.

Rana : The evil performer in every frame. Thanks to his antagonistic expressions and a bulky physical appearance. He would rule Tollywood and Bollywood in the coming future .

Kattappa : The slave at heart but shows heroism with his abilities and loyalty to the core.

Thamanna : She did a good job as Avantika, the lady warrior. Her chemistry with Prabhas was good though there were very few scenes. 

Kalakeya: We must talk about Kalikeya, the deadliest. Prabhakar, this guy was just simply superb. His makeup and dressing were highlights in his character designing. 

Let's talk about the person behind this magnificent film with an exceptional visuals and screenplay.

He is kind of a person who always thinks above the world,
ask him to make coffee with 100/- , he would give STARBUCKS coffee in return with the same money. His screen writing skills were exceptional. He deserves to be equally respected with the legendary directors of India, he is no less to Hollywood directors as well. We could see each penny spent in this film on screen. 

The people of world cinema will start recognizing Tollywood before Bollywood. This will stand as the movie of the century from India.

+ Points: Cast is the biggest asset to the film, cinematography. 

- Points : 
Little slow narration in first half but there is no problem with that. It is needed to make audience to get the thrill at the right moment.

Music : The background score by M.M. Keeravani has given yet another brilliant like he did for all Rajamouli's films. 

Final Note : While making a biggest motion picture ever, there would be few flaws which could be easily waived off compared to the best shots of the movie. 
I won't say, the movie was perfect without even a single mistake, there is that rope pulling scene where it looks very unreal that rope was lose when Shivudu pulls the statue of Bhallaladeva. 
I am not criticizing this scene, I am wondered how Rajamouli could miss a small logic.

Climax : I want to make a point about the climax, NO it is not ended abruptly. He ended at the right moment to carry the suspense till next year.

 Rating: 4.5./5

Suggestion: Don't even think to skip this movie. These kind of movies comes in a while to be watched on big screen. 

Bottom line: TFI's pride.

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