Fukrey review

Cast: Most of them are new actors.

Music: Ram Sampath

Director: Mrighdeep Singh.

Storyline: One guy dreams everyday and tells his friend about thereafter he interprets the dream and makes a combination, buys a lottery ticket which brings money for them. Two other guys knew about this and in need of money they will approach local lady don. From there it takes interesting turns and rest of the story.

This has got fresh air to the bollywood. All the boys were good and they would have a good future.
Priya Anand has a done very nice role and she looks very classy. Sardar ji and two of his friends brings a big laughter throughout the movie with their stupid works. Richa Chadda was hilarious with her dialect.

Music Dept : Songs were good. Fuk Fuk Fukrey is a rocking number and Ambarsariya is a melody number.

Movie + : Choocha, Hunny, Priya, Bholi.

Interesting things : 
1. Made with a budget of 5 Cr and collected 35 Cr.
2. FUKREY - A ROOFTOP RUNNER, a game released in google store. 

Bottom Line: Proper meaning of FUKREY.

Suggestion : Watch it.

Rating: 3/5.

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