The Croods

The croods review
Cast :Nicolas cage, Emma stone

Directors : Kirk Demicco,Chris Sanders

Storyline: This is about a family of stone-age which strongly believes
light would kill them and stays in a cave all the time and comes out
only once in a while who doesn't use brains. One girl from the family
wants to live outside the cave and
one day happened to meet a guy

and from there on, they would go for a safer place.

Review: Movie was fast paced with a enough humor, shows how human beings used to get ideas like fire, shoes while struggling to survive in the stone-age. The grandma character brings laughs with her punches to his son.      

+ Points : Storyline,Grandma character.

Interesting things : 

Games based on the film were available in Android and IOS platforms. Dreamworks has announced sequel.

Bottom Line: Croods too have brains.

Suggestion : One time watch.

Rating: 3/5.