OK Bangaram

OK Bangaram telugu movie review
Cast : Dulquer Salmaan, Nitya Menon, Prakash Raj

Director : Mani Ratnam

Music : A.R Rahman

Story: O Kadhal Kanmani/OK Bangaram is a story of a boy(Adhi) and girl() who are very aspired about their careers with Mumbai as a backdrop. They both stay in a live-in relationship in an old couple's home as both of them don't have good opinion about marriages and rest of the story bounds whether they went into wed lock or not.

Review: Mani Ratnam is back with his favorite genre(Romance) by teaming up with A.R Rahman, the best combination for love stories in terms of visualization and music.

The story starts with director's style of making, the scenes are very lovely and naturally pictured. The characters and dialogues are realistic. This film is a very youthful entertainer. One would doubt that this was really directed by Mani Rantam, Oh Yeah!
This depicts the story of the present youth in India.

The chemistry between Dulquer and Nitya was one of the highlights. They made the story elevated with their performances. Prakash Raj has played a prominent role in the film.

We should talk about music by A.R Rahman, music was a sure shot highlight of the film which uplifted the scenes. Mental Madhilo is my personal favorite and Raara Aatagaada.

Note: There is a hiccup around the story line saying that live-in relationship might affect youth with wrong vibrations. What's wrong in that. Grow up people. 

+ Points: Dulquer,Nitya,Music,Cinematography.

- Points : Little slow in some places.

Rating: 3/5

Suggestion: Go and fall in love with Bangaram.

Bottom line: Mani Ratnam is back with a BANG!

S/o Satyamurthy

S/o Satyamurthy telugu movie review
Cast : Allu Arjun, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Upendra

Director : Trivikram Srinivas

Music : DSP

Story: This is a story of a person, Viraj Anand whose father dies in an accident. The remaining story is about how Viraj carried the values of his father.

Review: Allu Arjun till now acted as a lover boy, in this movie he acted as a loyal son to keep up the values of his father even after his sudden death. He did his part well and shared the screen in every single frame of the film. He carried the sentiment very well in climax scene.

Samantha and Nithya did well though they didn't last much on screen.

Trivikram has gone in Bollywood style by casting a big time in the movie with no appealing story. He even tried to capture the audience of Tamil Nadu by making the story around Tamil region, this must  the idea of Allu Arjun as he was lacking in Tamil box office.

Trivi should concentrate more on story, he must have thought while scripting the story that like his last film Attarintiki Daredi, if one make the story around sentiments, it would appeal to audience but one would expect a story.

Upendra's role is one of the highlights and his presence left a mark on the film. Thanks to Trivi for casting him.
Rajendra Prasad did a very confusing role in this film, I couldn't get the complete understanding about role as it acts weird at times and funny some times.

Music played an important role, Super Machi and Seethakalam songs are the chart busters.

+ Points: Upendra's acting.

- Points : Routine story with weak execution.

Interesting Points : Upendra acted in Telugu after a long gap.

Rating: 2.5/5

Suggestion: Watch for Upendra.

Bottom line: Sentiment won't work all the time.