Cast : NTR, Samantha, Pranitha

Director : Santosh Srinvas

Music : S. Thaman

Story: The story revolves around a US return student Karthik who pledges to marry his uncle's daughter Indu which was his mother's wish.Later he meets another girl thinking that she is Indu, the story takes twists and turns.

Review: Lets see how did it go!
NTR proved again he is always best in any kind of character with different shades. He was there in every frame. No doubt he has given full justification to the character. NTR's costumes were really good.
Samantha was as usual cute and tried to make herself as a glam doll, but failed.
Pranitha did a decent role, personally I don't find any charm in her though directors are happy to sign up her for the films.

Coming to the movie review, director should have inspired from the movies which were relevant to this story, instead he cut copied most of the scenes from previous telugu films. There were the scenes with comedy which would bring to smiles on the audience faces.
A big casting doesn't make any difference if there is no proper content in the film.

Overall, movie is just average.

Music Dept: Except Raakasi song, none of the songs in the album were bad in terms of taking and music.

+ Points: NTR

- Points: Routine story and casting.

Interesting points: No points to talk about.

Rating: 2/5

Suggestion: You can watch for second half.

Bottomline: Very disappointing.


mardaani movie review
Translation : Masculine

Cast : Rani Mukerji, Tahir Raj Bhasin

Director : Pradeep Sarkar

Music : Shantanu Moitra, Karthik Raja

Story: The story is about the police and gang which involves child trafficking. A girl, who is like a daughter to Rani (Shivani Shivaji Roy) will be kidnapped and the story starts by tracking and finding out the girls who were all kidnapped by the gang.

Review: The movie jump start into the story once the titles are done. The plot is more of a Taken 2 movie from hollywood, but the execution was a bit different.

Rani fit into the role of a tough cop from crime branch. This is another heroine-centric movie after No One Killed Jessica and apt for the title role, she carried the emotions and character very well at the same time, thanks to her taking up this role instead of taking glam roles.

Tahir, who acted as the mafia king was perfect for the role. He would definitely hit the bulls eye, if plans his career well.

Overall, though there are no entertaining elements, you won't be bored.

Music Dept: Though there is no scope for songs, music director has given a good background score.

+ Points: Rani's performance.

Rating: 3.5/5

Suggestion: Watchable.

Bottomline: "Mard"aani.

Run Raja Run

Run Raja Run Movie Review
Cast : Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor

Director : Sujeeth

Music : Ghibran

Story: Raja is a jovial, happy going person who breaks up with his girl friends all the time, in the process he falls in love with another girl. Later on, movie takes on to turns and twists till the end.

Review: First Sharwanand came out of his serious roles to fit into the role of a boy-next-door. Undoubtedly he is a very talented artist in tollywood. He put his heart and soul in the character to present well on the big screen with ease and proved his mettle.
Heroine was okay by looks but she had done great job in acting and dance movements especially in "Vadhantune.." song. Others had done their part well. Sampath Raj was impressive.

Director Sujeeth should be appreciated for his screenplay and successful in presenting the story as the way he wants. The taking of the scenes were good, opening scene was striking. Though there were few shades of KICK movie in screenplay but different.

Overall, Run Raja Run is a complete entertainer with laughs, twists, turns.

Music Dept: Songs by Ghibran were refreshing and would stand as best in chart-busters. Background score was also good.

+ Points: Sharwanand, screenplay.

- Points: Emotional scene was not up to the mark.

Interesting points: Ghibran's first movie in telugu.

Rating: 3.5/5

Suggestion: A good watch. Give a shot.

Bottomline: A playful entertainer. Run for this movie.