Attarintiki Daredi

Attarintiki Daredi review

Movie: Attarintiki Daredi

PK entrance was disappointing. Boman irani was awesome as an old man. Samantha is just OK. Story was routine.PK mark comedy was there which will be festival for PK fans.Songs were good.This is the only family movie after SVSC.

3V tried to add his magic to the movie but couldn't able to succeed.M.S narayana would have kept aside in Milan scenes behind PK. Goggles scene was little dragging. "Ahalya" would have restricted to three instances.

Depending on the PK's mania it could break boxoffice records as there are no movies for the next 2 weeks.
This is not a blockbuster hit but a decent one.

Watchable for one time with family.

Rating : 3/5.

Raja Rani

Raja Rani movie review
Cast : Arya, Nayanatara, Jai, Nazria Nazim,Santhanam

Music: G.V Prakash Kumar

Director : Atlee

This is about 2 pairs of love birds. Arya's girlfriend dies in an accident and Nayan's boyfriend leaves her and goes to US.
Later sometime, Arya and Nayan will get married after force from their parents. Rest of the story is about how both are succeeded.

You would get some new feel in some of the scenes. Its full of typical sentimental scenes.
Arya was good. Nayan was cute, stubborn and calls her father(darling) very lovingly and emotional in particular scenes. Cinematography was very fresh. Nazria was like a girl next door.
Nazria calls Arya(Boyfriend) as Brother! to tease him which was new in the movies.

Music Dept : Music and background were good. Songs were lively.

Movie + : Nazria and Nayan

Movie - : Too much of sentimental scenes

Interesting things : The film grossed 1 crore from Satyam Cinemas in eight days in chennai. 

Suggestion : You can give a shot.

Rating: 3/5.

Sudh Desi Romance

Shuddh Desi Romance review
Cast : Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti chopra, Vaani kapoor, Rishi kapoor

Music: Sachin-Jigar

Director : Maneesh Sharma

Storyline: Hero runs away from marriage after seeing a girl on
the way to marriage. They will be in living relationship by saying
brother and sister to neighborhood. After sometime they decided to get married,this time girl runs away without any prior notice. From then on, story starts taking small turns till the end.

Review: Arjun resembled the boys of the present generation. He did the acting with ease.
Parineeti acted well with a don't care attitude who got jilted in her previous relations.

Vaani kapoor was fresh and certainly she would steal the hearts of boys with her charming face, though this is her debut film, she did very well.

Rishi kapoor did a good part with his experience which brought value to the character.

There was a visual treat in the form of two heroines which draws more people.

Music Dept : Music by duo was promising to give enough boost to the movie. The title song and gulabi songs were good.

+ Points : Parineeti,Vaani kapoor,Rishi Kapoor.

- Points :  
Lot of sensual scenes which were not really needed.

Interesting things : NA.

Bottom Line: Only romance.

Suggestion : Watch it if you are interested.

Rating: 2.75/5.

Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha

Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha review

AMAT is a fresh movie with a new concept with all the emotions which haven't come in any of the movies till now.

Sumanth was OK. He need to improve his acting skills in emotional scenes. Dialogue delivery was good.

Esha was the highlight of the movie, she acted with ease like she had already done enough movies.
She has a very cute and childish face with good facial expression. She definitely draws attention of the guys.  

Music and background were lively. Camera work is just superb.

Rating: 3/5.