Oohalu Gusagusalade

Oohalu Gusagusalade movie review
Translation: Dreams Whispered

Cast : Naga Shourya, Rashi Khanna, Srinivas Avasarala

Director : Srinivas Avasarala

Music : Kalyani Malik

Story: A girl from Delhi comes to her native vizag for summer holidays and a boy from hyderabad to his relatives home in vizag. Both of them happened to meet and falls in love. Another character comes into their lives where the plot takes a turn. Rest of the movie unfolds the story.

Review: The story is refreshing and sweet. All the protagonists in the movie had done a good job. First we need to talk about the man of the show, Srini avasarala. He had done an awesome job as the boss of hero, he has shown the shades of innocence, negativity and humor.

The movie starts with a slow pace till interval, it picks up the pace in the second half. The love story begins swiftly as the movie begins.

Shourya (Venky), suited well as a boy next door character. Though this is first movie, he acted with ease with different angles in the confused character.

Coming to the showstopper of the film, Rashi Khanna. Thanks to her ravishing face, she has carried the character of Prabhavati with her lovely expressions. She would definitely replace the heroines in all woods if she plans her career properly with good characters.

The cinematography was an added advantage which elevates the plot.

Music Dept: Music was fresh, BGM was catchy. Lyrics were good and meaningful in the recent past.

+ Points: Rashi Khanna, Cinematography, Music.

- Points: There were few unanswered questions in the movie,
               - what is the problem with heroine's parents?
               - what did heroine talk on the phone with her father on her birthday?

Interesting points: Srini Avasarala's debut as director.

Rating: 3/5

Suggestion: A good watch. Give a shot.

Bottomline: Romantic Gusagusalu.


Translation: Visual

Cast : Mohanlal, Meena

Director : Jeethu Joseph

Music : Anil Johnson, Vinu Thomas

Story: A common cable operator tries to protect his family from an unavoidable situation they were pulled into.

Review: Drishyam is a story-centeric film. These kind of films would come rarely in any film industry, drishyam was a kind of movie anyone embrace the plot. Directors should be appreciated for making a film like this without commercial elements in it with a thrilling plot. This is an universal subject with right ingredients of thrill and a nice plot which connects to every audience.

Mohanlal has kept his heart and soul in this, though he is a super star in Kerela, he moulded into the character as a middle-class father of two daughters. He had elevated the story with his performance, thanks to his experience. Meena has given her best for the role in the film.

The small girl has done a very good job. Constable has done an exceptional job who tries to put the George kutty into a fix. All others had given their good performances.

Music Dept: For the films like this, the music will elevate the film in some places. The music dept played its part.

+ Points: Story, Mohan Lal and Meena's chemistry.

- Points: Not much.

Interesting points: This is getting remade into all main Indian languages.

Rating: 3.75/5

Suggestion: Its a must watch.

Bottomline: Bored of routine films, watch this visual(Drishyam).

P.S : You can watch this in Telugu/Kannada.