I movie review
Cast : Vikram,Amy Jackson, Upen Patel, Suresh Gopi

Director : Shankar

Music : A.R Rahman

Story: Lingesan is a body builder dreams of becoming Mr.India. He happens to meet diya, a top model and remaining is the story.

Review: The most talented director of India, Shankar came up with another small story by executing his out of the world thoughts to the story. Thanks to his grandeur presentation of the story. He is the best in filtering the exotic locations for songs.
He has made best ad films as part of the story better than the ones which are running in the small screens now(Televisions).  He should have cut shorted few scenes in the editing room itself.

Personally I liked the song "Pareshnayya" for its picturization.

Vikram has given the one of the best performances in the three different characters. We must appreciate him for his spell bounding dedication for a cinema like this. He did lot of transformation to his body. His acting and appearance makes us amazed. His performance as a hunchback was a terrific one.

Amy Jackson was really fitted into the role of a super model(as in real life). She was gorgeous and sensuous and she got some space to do some acting after doing couple of films in the past.

Suresh Gopi was good as a doctor.

+ Points: Vikram's acting, locations and cinematography.

- Points : The duration is too long.

+ Interesting Points : Three distinct roles by Vikram.

Rating: 3/5

Suggestion: Go and watch it, just for Vikram.

Bottom line: Vikram, Vikram and Vikram!

Gopala Gopala

Gopala gopala movie review
Cast : Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan, Shriya, Mithun

Director : Kishore Kumar

Music : Anoop Rubens

Story: Gopal Rao is an atheist. One day his shop collapses because of natural calamity. Later what happens is the story.

Review: The most anticipated and most awaited movie of the tollywood industry got released.This is an official remake of Oh My God. Here it goes the movie review:

Coming to Gopala Gopala, Pawan Kalyan as god has done an excellent job with his mannerisms,punch dialogues and presence. The story was completely same as it was in the original but Pawan as lord krishna makes us feel different. Thanks to his POWER.

Venkatesh need less to say, he is one of the best actors of tollywood once again proved himself with his acting, he carried the story very well with a touch of humor especially the court scenes.
Everyone would compare Venkatesh with Paresh Rawal in terms of performance. I feel Paresh did well as he was a well settled stage artist and played the same role on so many stage shows before making a film out of this story.

Personally I liked the scenes between Pawan and Venkatesh.

OMG movie goes with a serious plot makes us involve in the story, where as Gopala flows with the same feel but with a pinch of humor.

This movie is a path breaker for all the movies which are currently running in theaters. I wish tollywood would come up with these kind of distinct plots.

We should thank Mithun for reprising the same role.

Shriya and Krishnudu did their part well.

+ Points: Venkatesh's acting

- Points : Little long compared to original.

+ Interesting Points : Mithun cameo and Pawan and Venki acted first time.

Rating: 3.75/5

Suggestion: Must watch. Don't miss it.

Bottom line: Its pure Venkatesh entertainer.