Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 review
Cast : Aamir Khan, Katrina, Abhishek Bachan, Uday Chopra.

Music: Pritam

Director : Vikram Krishna Acharya

Storyline: The movie is about a circus boy named Sahir , whose father was murdered by the circus owners. Sahir plans a plot to rob the money of owners kept in a Chicago bank in order to avenge his father’s murder. Aaliya is his co-worker and helps him with his plan. To prevent this robbery, ACP Jai Dixit and Ali Akbar visit Chicago. What follow is a hit-and-chase drama and some daunting stunts.

Review: I came in the middle of the movie. I give my cents till the duration I watched.
Aamir khan, the man of perfection disappointed in a big way in this film. Most of the scenes involving him don't have the logic like
1. How he runs on the side of the building without any support and his feet won't even touch the walls. He literally runs in the air.
2. Bike riding on a rope .
3. Transformation of bike to a vehicle he desires for.

Aamir didn't suit well for the film. Whoever watches for him would regret.

Katrina kaif was okay in her beauty factor. Malang song was good.

Abhishek and Uday contributed well to deprecate the movie. Their auto fight was a disaster.

Music Dept : Music is avg.

+ Points : Not really.

Suggestion : I don't comment on this. It might reach to few people.

Rating: 2/5.

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