The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street review
Cast : Leonardo Dicaprio, Jonah Hill

Director : Martin Scorsese

Story: The story is about a stock broker and how he became a successful within a short time with illegal activities.

Review: This wolf was an out-and-out hilarious comedy film with all the commercial ingredients.

Leo has played an eccentric role in this movie as he always do in his films. He has completely carried the story with his humor and ease with his power house performance.
           One should notice the transformation in Leo right from Titanic as lover from poor, The Departed as a serious cop, The Aviator as a director, Blood diamond as a smuggler, Shutter island as an US Marshal investigator , Inception as dream interpreter, J Edgar as a FBI official, The Great Gatsby as a rich person and finally The Wolf of wall street as a failed stock broker.

He carried the role of Jordan Belfort with different shades of struggling broker, wealthy man, arrogant boss, romantic fellow with babes, caring friend, drug addict, humorist.

The combination of Martin and Leo always makes a crazy one and set expectations among the audience and goes beyond the expectations after the release of the movies.

Mathew McConaughey has played a vital role as a boss of Jordan.
Jonah Hill played yet another hilarious role with his mannerism.

+ Points: Leonardo Dicaprio, Direction of Martin.

- Points: Few scenes with complete nudity(Of course, those are needed indeed).

Interesting things: This is a true story based on Jordan Belfort.

Bottom-Line: Leo is Fu**ing wolf of holly wood.

Rating: 4.25/5.

Suggestion: Must watch.

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