Highway movie review
Cast : Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda.

Music: A.R. Rahman

Director : Imitiaz Ali

Story line: Highway movie is about the story of a girl who is a daughter of a rich business tycoon based in Delhi. The girl will be abducted by a gang of people and held for a ransom from their parents, the protagonist of the gang will get to know about her father and his relations with the govt officials. To avoid getting caught from them, he keeps on travelling to the places. At one point time, she confesses that she don't want to go back to home. In the journey, Mahabir will get the meaning of life through the eyes of Veera.

Review: Well,lets talk how the journey went.

Alia Bhatt has delivered a performance which would stand on the top in her whole acting career. Her cuteness, innocence still didn't leave her face. She depicts the feelings and emotions of a teenage girl who bought up in a rich family with a lot more restrictions throughout her life. She falls in love with the captor. She carried the the last quarter hour of the film with her emotions and says about the undisclosed childhood to her parents.

Randeep Hooda acted as a hard-core man, leads the team of four who is soft cornered in emotions.
He was good with his angriness throughout the film and eventually transforms to a soft guy after his companionship with Veera and thinks about the memory of his mother whenever Veera shows the affection towards him.

Director has shown his love towards the travel yet again with this film. He would get good marks for handling a rough story with a soft teenage girl and hard-core criminal and their relationship with each other and their lives journeys.

Music Dept : A.R Rahman has given yet another fresh songs and background which helped film a lot to carry the emotion of Veera.

+ Points : Alia and Randeep, Cinematography

Suggestion : Watch it.

Bottom line: This Highway takes you to the destiny of life and its value.

Rating: 4/5.

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