Frozen movie review
Voice - Cast : Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel

Directors : Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Music Director: Christophe Beck

Storyline: Elsa, the princess posses magical abilities to create ice and snow and used to play with her younger sister Anna in the childhood. In an accident Elsa hurts Anna, then her parents isolates each other to save them and ask Elsa to avoid using her power by putting gloves. Later one day their parents dies in storm accident in the sea. After few years Elsa turns 21 and ready for coronation, on the same day one incident makes her to lose her cool and results in complete Frozen of the city.

Review: Frozen is the best movie in terms of story, animation,, music in the recent past. The girls characterisations were very well groomed. Its always difficult to show the differences in the expressions of the animated characters, it is more tough to depict the expressions of two teenage girls in instances like love, fear, anger in the same frame. The directors were succeeded in making a great movie with all the emotions. This would stand next to some of the epic movies from Disney's production house like Lion king.

No wonder it got Oscar without any race.

A pinch of humour, nifty twists and surprises were part of the plot.

Music Dept.: The music was the vital part of the movie which goes hand in hand with story. The songs "For the First time in Forever", "Let it go", "Do you want to build a Snowman" were well composed and delivered on screen.

+ Points : Plot, Songs, Direction.

Interesting things : Oscar for Best Animated film, Oscar for "Let it go"

Bottom Line: For the first time in Forever.

Suggestion : Must watch for animation lovers.

Rating: 3.75/5.

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