Madhuram - Ultimate Sweetness

Madhuram telugu short film review
Translation: Ultimate Sweetness.

Cast : Chandini Chowdary, Ravi Teja, Phanindra Narsetti.

Music: Viswanadh Naidu Ganta

Director : Phanindra Narsetti

Story: Madhuram is a love story of a cute couple which also have another two love stories of a cup and coffee shop owner.

Review: Madhuram means Ultimate sweetness. We can find sweetness in each and every frame, dialogues, story,narration in the film. Director has succeeded in every department involved and the best part was dialogues and narration with proportionate mix of epic stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata in modern love story. Director has explained every bit of the film in detail which induces the interest of oneself about the movie. The narration of the story by a coffee cup and introducing cup to the world by creating an epic story was creative in the recent times.

Each and every dialogue is a bullet of its kind throughout.

Both the protagonists have done a good job by stepping into the shoes of the characters.
Chandini's expressions, smile, cuteness, big eyes are the assets of her and extracted well by the director.
Hero, Ravi Teja acted with ease who depicts the present generation boys and their mannerisms with girls.
I think this film is best portrait of a cute love plot.

Can we watch a film either short or long without a break or a pause in our laptop?
Yes, if it is Madhuram short film.

+ Points: Narration,concept,dialogues and of course director. 

- Points: Very little dragging in few scenes.

Interesting things: 3/4th of the film was shot in a coffee shop.

Rating: 4.25/5.

Suggestion: Must watch.

Bottomline: Ultimate sweetness in love.

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