The Power of an Woman

womens day
        Doctors declared to the parents of the child that a BABY GIRL came into this world, she marks the arrival with a sigh of cry with her petite hands and legs.
        Parents with their immense happiness calls relatives wherever they are in the world.
The girl would be thinking why in this world everyone around me is smiling while I am crying with a hesitation and confusion. She bought smiles and enlightens everyone in the house which is filled with relatives, friends and well wishers of the family.
After few years, she eventually turns into a SMALL GIRL and starts going to school, starts understanding the world around her and makes own picture about the people around her.
She cares about the kids younger to her and bonds to them with her love towards them as a SISTER. She always shares food with younger brothers and sisters before she gulps.
She develops a special bond with parents as a DAUGHTER, relatives, especially with kids younger to her and baby sit them when parents are not around.
As a teenager, she starts having a special bond with friends as a FRIEND and enjoys life with her best buddies and helps them in giving suggestions from her expertise about life whenever they are in need. Her sense tells to take small responsibilities, and chores in house.
She builds her abilities and becomes strong in her own capabilities like being independent from parents, good enough to take her own decisions about her career, life partner and grooms herself for the hassles she is going to face in the nearest future.
When the marriage bells arrive, she convinces her parents in getting partner who suits her for the future. After the marriage, she leaves everyone in sob situation and a grief in their hearts which makes them to remember childhood days of the girl.
When there is a situation in her partner's life, she consoles him with affection and make him strong mentally to face the troubles as a WIFE.
She delivers kids after carrying them in womb for 9 long months by taking immense care as a MOTHER. She takes care of the kids when they are hungry by breast-feeding them. She also knows that to teach them good things to make them successful in their lives and she never compromises on that.
Before her kids turns into teenagers, she knows that they would need good position in the society for their family for which she strives to save the family from evil powers.
After the marriage of her kids, she spends her whole time with husband by taking care of his health by keeping an eye on his diet forgetting her own health is in a bad state.
Once the grand kids arrives in the house, she again steps in the shoes of a mother role by taking enough care of infants as a GRAND'MOTHER'.
She shares all his life experiences to her grandchildren about what she had gone through all her lifetime which helps them to look at the life with a positive energy.
Till the last breath, she strives for the successful life for her parents,husband, kids and friends.

Hats off to her(daughter,sister,girl friend, wife, mother, grandmother) for making each of our lives a meaningful journey.

Thanks(I know this is a small word) to my MOTHER for giving life in this world as a human being.

                                                       Happy women's day. 

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