Cast : Bala krishna, Radhika Apte,Jagapthi Babu.

Director : Boyapati Srinu

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Story: Bala Krishna looks after a business in Dubai and falls in love with a girl. To seek blessings from grandmother, he comes to India along with his girl friend. On the way to home, he will have a clash with the son of cruel and wicked Jagapathi. The rest of the story binds around rivalry between good and bad.

Review: Balayya has delivered yet another powerful performance which would stand beside some of his best performances like Simha, Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu. The diction and dialogues delivery were best of its kind. He acted in two different characters and justified both of them with his performance who fights for good deeds.

Jagapthi Babu was known for characters like husband, brother of hero, comic role and many more.He has given one of his best performances in his complete career as a cruel person who would always kill people whoever comes in his way. He came up with a new look with a white beard, natural though.

Heroines were just used as glamour dolls and they were shadowed by Balakrishna.

Though this film was having big cast, their characters were balanced and played roles well.

Devi's background score was good and songs were OK.

Director managed well to elevate the story and hero in action sequences. Though we could see shades of Simha in story. This was a good film to watch for the direction and performances standpoint.

All in all, this is a good treat to all fans.

+ Points: Balayya's power packed perfomance, Jagapthi Babu as an antagonist.

+ Points: All scenes of Brahmi.

Punch dialogues: Okadu naku eduruvachina vadike risk, nenu okadiki edurellina vadike risk.

Interesting things: Jagapthi Babu acted as an antagonist for the first time in his career.

Rating: 3.25/5

Suggestion: A good watch for action movie lovers.

Bottomline: "Legend" of masses.

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